Livestock and semen from dairy and beef cattle breeds perfectly suited for grassland

Project description

Swiss Grassland Genetics is a joint project of the VIANCO and the Swissgenetics cooperative. We collaborate with 3 Partners in the Baltic States, in Estonia with Tanel Bulitko, in Latvia with Gatis Kakis and in Lithuania with Gediminas Valiulis. The project wants to promote the export of Swiss Grassland Genetics (livestock and semen) to the Baltic States, because we’re persuaded that this genetics is perfectly adapted for the Baltic grassland and pastures.

We offer a high quality product that generates a high added value in combination with a competent, honest and good consultancy. Furthermore we win and retain our clients with the attribute ͞swissness͟ and transparent billing system.

Advantages of Swiss Grassland Genetics

  • Persistence
  • Suitability for roughage feeding, grassland and pasture
  • Adaptability
  • Good fertility
  • More calves per cow
  • Good general health status and good udder health
  • Fits in extensive and semi-intensive production systems
  • The big diversity of breeds offers a perfect solution for every breeding strategy